Community Relations

Village Care Ltd was founded on the “Local Care for Local People” ethos. As such, we strongly believe in supporting the local communities we’re close to.

We Want To Support Our Communities

Something we take great pride in at Village Care is supporting our local communities; it is an essential part of the care and work we provide. Our approach involves listening to community members to understand their needs and challenges.

Offering our support and commitment in Coxhoe and across County Durham is something we are proud of, whether it is a local football team or a charity that is close to ours hearts, we want to be able to help support and develop our local communities. 

If you want to learn more about the community relations we offer, speak to us today, we are always happy to discuss any community support you might need. 

Community Relations

Why Do We Support Local Communities?

Our commitment to the local community stems from our motto, “Local Care by Local People”. We’re passionate about Coxhoe, County Durham, and the area we live in, and we do everything we can to support it. If you’re a local organisation looking for support, we’d love to hear from you.

Local Interest

We're passionate and embedded in the local area. Our work is just part of who we are and we love to support the local area.

Supporting Local Communities